Media and Technology at OCS

Technology is integrated into curriculum at all levels at OCS in a variety of ways. Technological skills and knowledge are imperative to a student's overall educational goals, and OCS supports this by providing training throughout our educational program.

Early Education

Preschoolers are introduced to the iPads and use them on a weekly basis.  They use early education applications emphasizing letters, sounds, numbers, shapes, weather, science, creativity and more.


Students participate in weekly technology classes utilizing iPads.  These classes include typing, research, word processing (writing, fliers, posters, slideshows), brainstorming, problem solving, literacy, poetry, photography, movie making, iPad care, digital citizenship and Internet safety.  Students use a variety of tools to produce and publish their work including collaboration with peers using multimedia components (graphics, sound, video).  Students learn a variety of applications in math, science, literacy, creativity, handwriting and much more.  The Elementary program utilizes iPad carts to bring this technology into the classroom.


Students have a variety of elective class options to enhance technology training including Digital Media I & II, Microsoft Office Specialist certification, and Adobe Web Design.


Hear From Our Parents, Teachers, and Alumni

The teachers truly love and care for each individual student.  They long for them to succeed in life – fully rooted in their faith, walking in freedom and the Lord’s calling.  The teachers are servants with their eyes fixed on Jesus, and an amazing gift of teaching
- The Erickson Family