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Alumni Highlight

Recently, 1991 OCS graduate, Brett Reed stopped by the school to visit. We enjoyed our time together, and he offered these words:

"I am thankful for my experiences at Oakland Christian. The mentoring, learning and growth during that time in my life was critical in my development.

At this stage in my life, I am a Christ-follower, son, brother, husband, father and basketball coach at Lehigh University. Lehigh is a Division 1 basketball program, and we have been fortunate to have strong program success over my twelve years as the head coach. We have won championships, beaten Duke in the NCAA tournament, and turned out a number of graduates who are now blossoming in their lives after college.

It is exciting to work with young men within our sport. I feel I had great mentoring as a student-athlete growing up. The coaches I interacted with at Oakland Christian were as important as any others in my life. Through Ed Mehlberg I learned how to harness my competitiveness while also living through God and seeking to use my talents towards His glory. I can only hope the players that I coach will one day look back at their experience and be able to pull important life guidance like I was able to.

Learning and growing in the classroom as well as spiritually during high school set the foundation for the way I also try to lead my family and children. I am so thankful that in a challenging world, I know to point our kids toward Christ and can encourage them to seek Him for guidance and support. The same holds true for our married relationship as well. These habits and perspectives on life spring out of the family I had growing up, as well as the refinement I received through a Christian education.

It was so cool this summer to come back to the school and visit with teachers and coaches I had over twenty-five years ago. Seeing Coach Mehlberg, Ms. Butler, Mr. Crump, Mr. Stauffer, and Mr. VanDorp in person and knowing that they are still pouring into the lives of students and have done so consistently over the years, makes me appreciate all those who sacrifice so others can learn and grow. I am thankful for the time I had at Oakland Christian and am proud to be a Lancer."

Brett Reed, Class of 1991, Head Basketball Coach, Lehigh University

Our visit was truly a delightful time of reminiscing and sharing. We wish Brett well as he continues his passion in coaching basketball at the Division I college level, at Lehigh University. Thanks, Brett, for your visit!

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