Our art program teaches students the techniques of studio art and provides an appreciation of the conceptual and technical aspects of all traditional art forms. Leading artists and architects are invited as guest speakers and workshop leaders.  Students have won many awards including the Gold Key Award through the National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

Graphic Arts

Our graphic arts department includes courses in Photography, Graphic Design and Film Making.  Students learn various technologies, principles of intelligent design, and visual language as they develop their unique God-Given creative talents.  Student works have been published in China and West Africa, and local businesses display many of our students' graphic designs.

These videos represent student work from Digital Media - God and Graphics. This is a Christ-centered curriculum that unfolds God's visual language and His principles of intelligent design. Our first year students created these graphics by shooting photos of various light sources while in motion. They employed a variety of software programs to achieve the sense of energy and movement.


Hear From Our Parents, Teachers, and Alumni

When comparing Oakland Christian to other Christian schools, we found the extracurricular activities to be head and shoulders above the competition.  We wanted to make sure our kids had the opportunity to participate in a variety of arts, sports and clubs. 
- The Preston Family