Oakland Christian School’s Dennis Hopkins Named Regional Athletic Director of the Year

East Lansing, Michigan – January, 2017 – Michigan’s professional organization of school athletic directors, the Michigan Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (MIAAA), has selected Dennis Hopkins of Oakland Christian School as regional Athletic Director of the Year.  One of only 14 administrators statewide to be honored by the MIAAA, Dennis will be presented the award at the MIAAA Annual Conference in which over 500 athletic directors participate.

Dennis has served as an athletic director for the past 10 years, eight of them most recently at Oakland Christian School.  He began his career in 1996 at Springfield Christian School, where he taught, coached, and served as the assistant athletic director until 2001. He is currently in his 15th year of service (teaching, coaching, directing athletics) at Oakland Christian School. In addition to being a Registered Athletic Administrator (RAA), Dennis is a member of the MIAAA and the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA).  He currently serves as the Basketball Coaches Association of Michigan (BCAM) coaching clinic co-chair and sits on their executive board. He served as BCAM’s president in 2014-15.

Oakland Christian secondary school principal, Roy Townsend said, “He (Dennis) effectively partners the teaching and learning of athletics with the character and leadership development that is so key to success in athletics and in life.”

Fellow league athletic director from Ann Arbor Greenhills School Meg Send said, “He (Dennis) is a mentor for young athletic administrators and coaches in his building and continually strives to improve protocols within his program and the league. He brings analytical thinking and efficient organization in to our league policies.”

Dennis earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Northland International University in 1996 and a Masters of Sports Science from the United States Sports Academy in 2001.  He resides in Auburn Hills with his wife Wendy and children Danielle, Katrina and Trent and volunteers at the Woodside Bible Church nursery.

The MIAAA is a 58 -year old association with nearly 700 members serving as athletic administrators in numerous high schools and junior high/middle schools in Michigan.  As partners with the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA), the MIAAA works to promote the educational value of interscholastic athletics and the role and profession of athletic administrators.  The MIAAA is very proud to spotlight the work of Dennis Hopkins – a person whose work and values best mirrors those of the association.

Congratulations Dennis!


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We've been at OCS for nearly a decade. The school has an outstanding staff and passion for education and the gospel. My girls are receiving an outstanding education.  I'd highly recommend OCS! 
- Jason Morga, Dad
We have developed relationships with other parents as well as the administration and staff, and we see Oakland Christian School as a community that lives open-handedly and truly locks arms with one another to serve inside and outside of school.
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