Each year, Oakland Christian School has a special chapel with the entire OCS community to celebrate Christmas and the holiday season. This year's chapel will be held on December 20 at 9:00 a.m., and there will be a special musical guest performance from the Key of Hope Children’s Choir, coming all the way from South Africa! 

Key of Hope is a non-profit group from Durban, South Africa, who desires to reach thousands of poverty, HIV and AIDS stricken children with the love of God, transforming them into ambassadors of change in their families, schools and communities.

They do this in a number of ways, including a weekly “Kidz Klub” which aims to bring in new kids to play games, sing, watch puppet shows, and connect with the kids. They also have home visits, in which each child is visited every week by a staff member from Key of Hope, to evaluate the living conditions of each child, and help out where they can.

They also organize a spring camp for older children, monthly sports tournaments, assist students in paying for school, and provide weekly food packages to dozens of struggling households. In addition to all of these they organize a children’s choir, which gives 30+ children in their program an opportunity to express themselves to God and to their world through music, song, and dance. This year, they are on a two-month “We’re Gonna Win” tour of southeast Michigan, stopping at churches and schools throughout the area to sing, dance, and spread the word about how Key of Hope has affected their lives in a positive way.

Oakland Christian is very excited to host this event with Key of Hope and their Children’s Choir. Key of Hope was founded in 2007 by Dan and Rachel Smither, both of whom are OCS graduates. After working for nearly 10 years with the Power Company Kids Club in Pontiac, they founded Key of Hope and moved to South Africa.

As a school community, Oakland Christian is very proud of Dan and Rachel and the success they have had with Key of Hope. To see the effect that OCS graduates can have, whether here at home or around the world, and to have the opportunity to host a stop on the Key of Hope Children's Choir tour, is greatly cherished by everyone at Oakland Christian. 


Hear From Our Parents, Teachers, and Alumni

We've been at OCS for nearly a decade. The school has an outstanding staff and passion for education and the gospel. My girls are receiving an outstanding education.  I'd highly recommend OCS! 
- Jason Morga, Dad
We have developed relationships with other parents as well as the administration and staff, and we see Oakland Christian School as a community that lives open-handedly and truly locks arms with one another to serve inside and outside of school.
- Michelle Alexander, Mom