OCS Preschool & Kindergarten Programs

Oakland Christian School has many kindergarten and preschool programs. Join us for one of our informational meetings and learn more about which program would be the best fit for you and your child. 

♦ Preschool
♦ Pre-K4
♦ Young 5's
♦ Spanish Immersion Preschool
♦ Kindergarten Full Day
♦ Kindergarten Half Day
♦ Spanish Immersion Kindergarten

Meeting Dates and Time:
March 16, April 25, May 26, June 20 at 6:00 p.m.



The Early Education (preschool) Program at OCS provides preschool through Kindergarten-age children a loving, Christ-centered early learning experience. The programs are developmentally appropriate and strive to create a love for learning and a solid foundation for social, emotional, academic, physical, and spiritual growth.  Our quality early childhood educators create an environment that encourages discovery, learning, language exploration and social skills. For descriptions of each program, visit our Early Education page. 

Spanish Immersion

Oakland Christian School partners with add.a.lingua, dual language curriculum experts, to deliver a comprehensive language immersion program.  This program develops students to become bilingual, biliterate and bicultural by grade five.  Classes are taught by professionally trained, Christian teachers in their native Spanish language.  Because second language acquisition is best at an early age, students can enter this program in preschool or kindergarten. For information on these programs, visit our Spanish Immersion page.


The high-quality academic curriculum lays the foundation for student success in the core subjects (Reading, Math, Language Arts, Bible, Social Studies, Science). In addition, the curriculum expands to offer students creative, physical and social experiences through instruction in the Fine Arts (Vocal & Instrumental Music, Art), Chapel, P.E., Technology, Library and Spanish.


The elementary program effectively prepares students with a spiritual foundation to love God, love others, use the Bible, and understand that God has created every person to glorify Him. We are blessed with Christian teachers who are creative, caring, and certified in their area of teaching. They create a classroom environment that encourages students to explore new learning, feel safe and secure, treat others with respect and know that Jesus loves them.

For additional information on our Kindergarten program, visit our Elementary Program page.



Hear From Our Parents, Teachers, and Alumni

We've been at OCS for nearly a decade. The school has an outstanding staff and passion for education and the gospel. My girls are receiving an outstanding education.  I'd highly recommend OCS! 
- Jason Morga, Dad
We have developed relationships with other parents as well as the administration and staff, and we see Oakland Christian School as a community that lives open-handedly and truly locks arms with one another to serve inside and outside of school.
- Michelle Alexander, Mom