Please join us as we celebrate the launch of
Tommy Tablet at Niagara Falls!

Book Launch Party:
January 21, 2017, 4pm-6pm, open house format

OCS Elementary Lobby  

Tommy Tablet at Niagara Falls is Mrs. Prantera’s premier book. She is excited to share this story with her students as well as promoting literacy across the world. Tommy’s adventures will span the globe and provide an exciting way to see the world from a tablet’s point of view. As the elementary technology teacher at Oakland Christian School, Julie is passionate about encouraging children to use technology to enjoy life’s adventures. She wants to help instill a lifelong love of reading to each child she encounters.

Julie is honored to introduce her former student and OCS alumnus '13, Kevin Finkbeiner.  His talent brings life to Tommy Tablet.
Kevin has been bringing his wild creativity to life ever since he taught himself to draw at the age of five. He loves to use his work to make people laugh, crack a smile, and most importantly, tell a good story. His interests include other artistic areas like writing, animation, and film.


Recent Book Reviews: 

“Tommy Tablet at Niagara Falls was a delightful read! I was taken by the story as it was crafted so colorfully in text and illustration. I felt excited to share in the adventure with Tommy and Nathan.”
—Carine Liebler, recording artist/inspirational speaker

“Tommy Tablet is a whimsical children’s book that not only introduces us to a very unique point of view, but also showcases America’s jewel of Niagara Falls. Through Tommy’s eyes, Mrs. Prantera invites us along on the first of many fun and educational adventures—a good fit for any school or home library!”
—Senator Alan Sanborn



Hear From Our Parents, Teachers, and Alumni

We've been at OCS for nearly a decade. The school has an outstanding staff and passion for education and the gospel. My girls are receiving an outstanding education.  I'd highly recommend OCS! 
- Jason Morga, Dad
We have developed relationships with other parents as well as the administration and staff, and we see Oakland Christian School as a community that lives open-handedly and truly locks arms with one another to serve inside and outside of school.
- Michelle Alexander, Mom