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Our drama program will give students the opportunity to explore their creativity and develop their acting skills as well as have the chance to perform in a range of productions. Our program focuses on developing well-rounded performers, which means that students will gain experience in all aspects of theatre production, from set design to lighting and sound. Our courses are designed for both Middle School and High School students and cater to all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced actors.

In addition to honing their acting skills, our drama program also helps students build personal confidence and develop strong communication skills. Our faith-based approach to drama provides a supportive environment for students to explore their creativity and express themselves through performance.



Our Vocal Music Program includes Middle School and High School Choirs, a High School Praise Band, and Musical Theatre. As a member of the Michigan School Vocal Music Association, our students have the opportunity to participate in various events, such as Honors Choir, Solo & Ensemble, Choral Festival, and several concerts throughout the year.

Participation in our Vocal Music Program can help students improve their vocal technique, build confidence, and develop teamwork skills. Our students have the opportunity to perform in front of audiences and showcase their hard work and dedication.


Band at Oakland Christian School offers students in grades 6-12 the opportunity to play woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments in a traditional concert band ensemble matching their experience level. Oakland Christian is a member of the Michigan School of Band and Orchestra Association and therefore participates in Festivals, Solo & Ensemble, Honor Band, All-State Bands, and activities offered by the MSBOA. Students also enjoy serving our community through musical performances, and periodically go on music field trips throughout the year. 


The Orchestra program at Oakland Christian School supports the mission of our school by aiding in the development of personal diligence, love of learning, and the ability to perceive and perform beauty through orchestral music. The orchestra classes allow students in grades 6-12 the opportunity to play string instruments in a traditional orchestra class with their grade-level peers. This will be accomplished by utilizing the National Standards for Music Education through creation, performance, response, and connection.