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Middle School

Nurturing Emerging Gifts and Academic Interests

Middle school is when our students are busy discovering new passions and talents while also starting to better understand who God created them to be. At Oakland Christian School, we're preparing 6-8th grade students for high school and beyond by challenging them with a rigorous curriculum and encouraging them to be more involved in our learning community. 

Core Subjects

World Geography, World History, American History

Math 6, Math 7, Math 8, Honors Algebra I

English 6, English 7, English 8

Physical Science, Life Science, Earth Science

Physical Education & Health 6 teaches students to practice and develop skills in activities and sports that will help them maintain fitness throughout their lives.  Activities include, but are not limited to, basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball, floor hockey, spikeball, badminton, handball, and Ultimate Frisbee. 

  • Grade 6 health instruction includes the body systems’ purposes, major organs, and potential health problems. Nutrition fundamentals are also learned. 
  • Grade 7 health instruction builds on the concepts learned in grade 6 and continues with physical fitness and exercise, as well as mental and social.
  • Grade 8 health instruction emphasizes the effects of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and STDs. Goal setting and the importance of making wise choices are stressed. This course satisfies the high school Physical Education and Health graduation requirement. 

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Elective Course Offerings

Please visit our Middle School Fine Art page for an in-depth look at our program! 

A required course for 6th graders, students explore the world of engineering through the design process. Using science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, they learn and apply the design process to solve problems and understand the influence of creativity and innovation in their lives. Students develop skills in collaboration and teamwork as they design, build, and test solutions to real-world problems. 

Please visit our STEM page for an in-depth look at our program!

Required for 6th graders, in this introductory instrumental music course, students learn how to play a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument. No prior experience is required—just a commitment to keep trying! The first week of school is a time of exploration in which students get to try all the instruments before making final decisions about which one to choose: flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone, or percussion.  There are two required “informances” for families and friends per year. Required dates will be listed in the syllabus. 

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Please visit our Orchestra page for an in-depth look at our program! 

This course introduces the fundamentals of the French language using Comprehensible Input (CI). With the CI approach, students will see and hear French daily, acquiring the language in a natural way. Language proficiency is spontaneous non-rehearsed ability. Students develop proficiency in listening, speaking, writing, and reading in French through storytelling, story writing, movie, and video clips, short readings, and songs. French culture on greeting etiquette, French schools, religious and secular celebrations, famous monuments, etc. also are learned this way. Students acquire the language through thematic units of study, including introducing themselves, school, sports, weather, seasons, and restaurant etiquette. 

This course introduces the fundamentals of the Spanish language using Comprehensible Input (CI). With this approach, students will acquire the language through a methodology that encourages students to produce language when they are ready and in more low anxiety situations, much like when they were children. Students develop foundational reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills in Spanish. In order to accomplish this goal, there is a heavy focus on listening, reading, and storytelling in order to help students to move higher in their levels of competency. Students reach this through units such as: introducing and describing oneself, learning where Spanish is spoken, describing family and others, talking about interests, and discussing school. Students gain a wide variety of cultural awareness throughout the year. Class is conducted in Spanish with opportunities for clarification in English. Students receive the tools, opportunities, and encouragement needed to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in the Spanish language. Thematic units provide the vocabulary and grammar necessary to practice these skills. 

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Students serve as historians, journalists, and artists to create a photojournalistic record of the school year that will be on shelves for many years to come. A journalistic approach will teach students skills in business, graphic design, visual communication, writing, photography, and collaborative relationships. In order to capture and document the current school year for enjoyment and reference in the future, students will write copy and captions inappropriate journalistic style for the yearbook; use photojournalism techniques; design a professional, attractive theme-based yearbook; write effective headlines and captions; edit, proofread, and evaluate their own and others’ work; work cooperatively within time constraints (deadlines), and learn and use effective sales and promotional techniques. 

Clubs & Activities

Cross Country, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball

Cross Country, Soccer, Basketball, Football and, Baseball

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