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OCS is Planning Our First (and hopefully only) Virtual LifeBuilders Event! 

Although we would prefer the opportunity to physically gather together to support and celebrate OCS, like many other non-profits, we can not just skip our biggest community event and fundraiser of the year.  So we are preparing a virtual event filled with messages from students, teachers, alumni and others to give you a glimpse of what OCS has offered and continues to offer.  We will have our online auction (bigger and better than ever to help you prepare for the holidays), and we will have some fun "live" moments throughout the event.  Please plan to tune in at 7:00 pm on Saturday, November 7th and support OCS from the comfort of your living room!   

Each year we rely on the funds raised at this event to offer tuition grants to our students and families and improve and expand our academic and extracurricular programs.  This year, our goal is to raise additional funds so that we may offer increased financial assistance to our families affected by COVID, cover the expenses of additional health and safety measures, and the extra needs associated with operating a school during a pandemic.  We are proud of what we continue to provide our families and students, but this is a critical year for us.

Facebook Event:

Click here to join the Facebook event.   This event will be streamed on Facebook Live.

Sponsorships - One way we raise funds is through event sponsorships.  Since we do not have an actual event this year, we've gotten creative and added some different opportunities to promote our sponsors in unique ways.  Click here to find out more

Online Auction - Our online auction is filled with amazing items including lots of great baskets, experiences, trips, and gifts just in time for Christmas!  Click the link below to register for the online auction and you'll receive a notification when the bidding opens! 

Thank you for your support of OCS!   GO LANCERS!

We believe that a Christian education lays the foundation and prepares our children to head out into the world positioned to make a difference for Christ.  With my husband in full time ministry, we were not sure how we were going to be able to work out the tuition obligations, but through the generosity of donors, we qualified for assistance and were able to reduce our obligation.  Thank you donors for making this possible for our family. - New Family