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Campus Life

What is a F.A.N.?

The Family Ambassador Network (F.A.N.) is a group of parents who love OCS and represent the heart of our school. F.A.N.s can support the school in several ways.

  1. Spread the Word about OCS in our community.
  2. Write a review on one of our targeted sites.
  3. Submit a family story to be shared on our web site or social media.
  4. Join one of our F.A.N. teams - Parent Tour Guide Team, Parent Welcome Team, or Parent Mentor Team

F.A.N. Teams

Tour Guide Team

Parent Tour Guides will assist at Open Houses and other Admissions events in giving prospective families a tour of the school. The personal connection made on a tour can have a big impact on a prospective family and can help families know if Oakland Christian is a good fit for them.

Parent Welcome Team

Our Parent Welcome Team is a fun way to welcome to new families and help get the word out about OCS. Each new family gets a “Home of a Lancer” sign in their yard. The Welcome Team delivers all of the signs.


Parent Mentor Team

Our Parent Mentor Team are current parents who want to connect with new families and help them get integrated into the OCS community. Parent Mentors will be paired with 1 to 3 families to answer questions, give advice, invite to activities, and help get connected.

Contact Information:

Kelly Wood
Director of Enrollment

Dana Meyer
Enrollment Assistant