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Spiritual Life


Local Missions

At OCS, we believe in making a positive impact not only within our school but also in the larger community. One of the ways we do this is through our partnership with several area organizations. The Power Company Kids Club and Dutton Farms are examples of the types of partnerships we have.

The Power Company Kids Club

Each year, our school comes together to participate in a blanket and food drive. During a dedicated chapel time, our students fill food boxes for Thanksgiving dinners and tie blankets, spreading warmth and love to families in need. Each year we provide 100 Thanksgiving dinners and 100 blankets to families in and around Pontiac.

Dutton Farms

Dutton Farms is a organization that supports adults with developmental disabilities. Our partnership with Dutton Farms includes a charity basketball game that brings together their farmers and our students at OCS, creating a fun and inclusive environment for everyone involved. Besides the enjoyment it brings, the game also serves as a fundraiser for the programs at Dutton Farms. In our most recent game, we raised over $1,000 to support their impactful initiatives.

International Missions

At OCS, we believe in fostering global connections and making a difference beyond our immediate community. A focus on International Missions  helps instill compassion, empathy, and a global perspective in our students. We currently have an annual missions trip to the Dominican Republic and we are committed to expanding the international opportunities available to our OCS students.

The 2024 Dominican Republic Mission Trip

DONATIONS FOR THE DOMINICAN: Instead of Señora Frasa and the current "trip funds" being responsible for the mission's donation needs (as in years' past), for the 2024 trip, she is introducing this as a service opportunity for the Secondary Students. Outside of her room (316), you will now see 90 strips of paper with different items that the leader in the DR sent to her as needed for OCS' sister school Manantial de Vida. Here is how this will work: 1) Take a "card", 2) Pay attention to the quantity needed and the cost before you commit, 3) Buy the item(s) on Amazon, 4) Bring the item(s) AND the card to Señora so that she can check it off of her master list, and 5) You will get a pass for a free SWEANS DAY (you choose the date). 

There are a lot of needs when we go on mission, so we truly appreciate this being a joint effort. As the mission of our local church in the DR says, "In CHRIST we are ONE."  Please consider partnering with us.

If you would like to sponsor someone's mission trip or help pay for resources needed for the trip, please DONATE HERE.

2023 Dominican Republic Trip


S.H.IN.E  “Seeing Him IN Everything”
S.H.IN.E was Oakland Christian’s theme for the 2014-15 school year, and through my 10 years of teaching at this school, it is one of the themes that most stick out in my mind. This message was weighing heavily on my heart and mind after we returned from our last trip to the Dominican, and so I began to consider that this might be the theme for the 2023 trip. Last year our team discussed together what we wanted the theme to be, and so therefore I was slightly uneasy about simply telling them when we came back to school that “S.H.IN.E” would be our new theme. However, because I felt that God must have laid it on my heart for a reason, I wanted to obediently embrace this message. The team agreed that it was a great focus for the Dominican Trip in 2023, and so I proceeded with this motivation in mind. Slowly but surely, in combination with other things that God had been already laying on my heart this past year, it began to make more sense.

But little did I know when 11 students and 2 teachers embarked on this journey just how much the challenge to S.H.IN.E would impact us-- both as a team and individually.

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2022 Dominican Republic Trip