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Documents, Forms, and Parent Resources

Parent Resources

It is a joy to partner with you not only in your student's academic growth but their spiritual growth as well. As our culture continues to swiftly change we want to provide you with resources to engage your students in meaningful conversations that will not only build their faith but your relationship with them! Please enjoy these free resources published by Axis.

A Parent's Guide to a Doubting Teen

A Parent's Guide to Hearing from God

A Parent's Guide to Discipling Teens

A Parent's Guide to Anxiety

As our children develop and change throughout Elementary, Middle, and High School we have a great opportunity to get to know them in each of these developmental stages. But what do we ask them? Here are some light-hearted get-to-know-you questions that can facilitate conversation and connection with your child!

21 Questions Ages 3-5

21 Questions Ages 6-11

21 Questions Ages 11-14

21 Questions Ages 14-18