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Spiritual Life



Spiritual growth at Oakland Christian reaches beyond the scope of Bible class, chapels, and prayer groups to give all our students an off-campus retreat to grow our relationships with God, school staff and students.

Elementary students engage in a one-day experience at an area camp. The Middle School attends a two-day overnight experience at SpringHill Camp. The High School also enjoys a three-day overnight retreat at SpringHill Camp.  


Serve is our annual K-12 commitment to reach out to our neighbors in a very real and tangible way to show love and compassion in our community. As part of our mission to engage in Christ-centered relationships our goal for students at OCS is not simply to engage in a few service projects when the opportunity arises, but to understand and demonstrate what it means to be committed to living the life Jesus called us to: a life of sacrifice, compassion, and love.

Some of our partners we have been privileged to serve with include: Power Company Kids Club, Key of Hope (South Africa), Kensington Community Garden, Grace Centers of Hope, World Vision International, Baldwin Center, Dutton Farm, American Cancer Society, DRAW, Pontiac Schools, Crossroads Crisis Pregnancy Center.