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Spiritual Life

Bible Classes


Elementary Bible

Our elementary Bible program incorporates an age-appropriate Bible curriculum, daily devotional and prayer time, weekly chapel, and service projects within our community.  We are blessed with caring, Christian teachers who create a classroom environment that encourages students to explore new learning, treat others with respect, and know that Jesus loves them.  We believe this program effectively prepares students with a spiritual foundation to love God, love others, and love life using the Bible to shape how the students see God’s story of redemption at work in them and around the world. 

The Elementary school uses the DeepRoots curriculum published by the Defendable Faith Institute. The following themes direct units of study and daily lesson plan content from passages in the Bible. Students at all grades will have passages of scripture that they will memorize.

Kindergarten: Familiar Bible stories that emphasize God’s loving care and the story of God’s work in history.

Grade 1: Explores the Biblical story from Creation to the children of Israel entering the promised land.

Grade 2: Follows the four gospels of the New Testament learning about the life of Christ.

Grade 3: Follows the account of the Children of Israel from Abraham to the coming of our Messiah.

Grade 4: Digs into the accounts of the early church. 

Grade 5: Returns to a study of the divided kingdom as recorded in the Old Testament.

All grades cover units teaching inductive Bible study and special studies that celebrate the Christian holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.


Secondary Bible

Middle School

Sixth Grade

God’s Story & Our Story 
This course surveys the overarching themes of the Bible and how we find ourselves in God’s story. 

Seventh  Grade

Jesus and My Story
Students will learn about the historical Jesus, the difference between Christ and the gods of other religions, and the uniqueness of each gospel. 

Eighth Grade

The Story of God's People
Students will dive into church history, prayer, our function in God’s community, and evangelism. 

High School

Freshmen & Sophomores

The Story of God
Jesus and the Gospel of Luke
Acts and the Church in Cultures
Salvation, Human Identity, and Formation

Juniors & Seniors

Global Perspectives
Philosophy and the Gospel of John
The Pauline Epistles and the Role of Prayer
Jesus, Culture, and Spiritual Formation
Origins: Questions and Perspectives