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Spiritual Life

Bible Classes

Elementary Bible

Our elementary Bible program incorporates age-appropriate Bible curriculum, daily devotional and prayer time, weekly chapel and service projects within our community.  We are blessed with caring, Christian teachers who create a classroom environment that encourages students to explore new learning, treat others with respect and know that Jesus loves them.  We believe this program effectively prepares students with a spiritual foundation to love God, love others, use the Bible, and understand that God has created every person to glorify Him.

The Elementary school uses the Purposeful Design Bible curriculum published by ACSI. The following themes direct units of study and daily lesson plan content from passages in the Bible. Students at all grades will have passages of scripture that they will memorize.

Kindergarten: Familiar Bible truths that emphasize God’s loving care. For example: “God Made My World,” revealing God’s omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence. 

Grade 1: Familiar Bible truths that emphasize God’s relationship with people. For example: Joshua and Caleb teach us about listening to God, leadership, courage, omnipotence, relationship with others.

Grade 2: Studies of the character traits of various people in the Bible. For example: Esther listening to wise advice instruction teaches us about loyalty, submission, obedience and wisdom. 

Grade 3:  Studies in the life of Christ, the early Church, and missions from the time of Paul until now. For example: Jesus calls the first disciples teaching us about listening to God, equipping us and growing in faith.

Grade 4: Studies of the basic doctrines of the Church. For example: The Bible is the inspired by God and is useful for doctrine, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.

Grade 5: Studies of a variety of people in the Old Testament emphasize choice, consequences, and the character of God.  For example, Ruth 's relationship with Naomi and Boaz teaches us loyalty, selflessness, love, and obedience as well as guides us in learning about God as our own redeemer.

Secondary Bible

Middle School

Sixth Grade

This course is a study of the first five books of the Old Testament (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy). Special attention is given to creation vs. evolution, sin and salvation, character studies, the Ten Commandments and application of miracles.

Seventh & Eighth Grade
Old Testament Prophecy

This course is a study of the prophetic books of the Old Testament (Isaiah - Malachi).  Students will learn about the major and minor prophets and their messages.  Prophetic interpretation and fulfillment, both past and future, will be discussed.  There will be a special emphasis on Messianic prophecy and the day of the Lord. 

High School

Freshmen & Sophomores

New Testament Survey
This introduction offers students a brief overview of each book of the New Testament through an exploration of the text and culture of each of the gospels and epistles as well as offers a basic understanding of purposes, authorship, themes and structures of each.  Students will also discover the historical aspects of the person and work of Jesus Christ and learn the methods and value of proper Bible study method. At the end of this year-long course, students are able to describe the main points of each book and a seek out the purpose of each gospel and epistles as understood within the text and what that text reveals about the person and work of Jesus and the Christian life.

Christian Theology & Discipleship
This class will dig into the specific commands of Jesus to His disciples and examine several aspects of discipleship. Students will trace the growth of the church throughout history as well as explore the meaning and impact of following Christ in obedience. 

Juniors & Seniors

The goal of this course is to read, interpret, internalize and apply the truths of Romans to the end that every student will experience the overcoming power of God in an area of his or her personal life.

Prayer Project
Various kinds of prayer that are evident throughout Scripture will be explored.  Students will also be encouraged to examine the role and degree of prayer in their daily lives as a way of growing closer to the Lord.

Origins & Life Science
In this course, students will study the theory of evolution and will examine biblical and scientific information that raises questions with the prevailing model of origins and points to design and creation as an alternative to evolution. This course focuses on the origin of life, evolutionary processes, genetics, and animal and human evolution.

Origins & Physical Science
In this course, students will examine biblical and scientific information that raises questions with the prevailing model of origins and points to design, creation, and a world-wide flood as an alternative to undirected natural processes. This course focuses on viewpoints related to astronomy, geological processes, and the age of the earth.

Students examine biblical and scientific information that will provide students with an application of biblical principles to bioethical concerns, including abortion, euthanasia, and genetic manipulation.

Practical Christianity
The goal of this course is to prepare students to lead a Christian life after they graduate from high school. Students will explore practical ways to live out their faith in the real world and explore different tools to strengthen their personal faith.

Introduction to World Religions
World Religions is the study of Biblical Christianity and how it compares to major world religions and belief systems. This course provides the student with a general overview of the major religions that exist in the world today as well as an understanding of their origins, development, and adaptation to present-day social and political situations.  

Christian Formation
Growth is God's way in nature and in the heart of every one of His children. This class centers on spiritual growth  what does it take to become a mature Christian?  How can I grow into my full potential as a child of God?

Advanced Topics in Bible
This class will give students the opportunity to choose a topic specific to their interest in biblical studies, research it and present the results of their research to the class.

International Students
Foundations of Christianity

This is an introduction to Christianity course for ESL students. The topics of scientific evidence for the existence of God and creation will be explored.  The students will also look at the Bible from cover to cover in search of relevant truth for practical living.