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A Hands-On Approach for All Ages

Students at Oakland Christian School see God’s amazing design through project-based learning and hands-on activities. STEM learning begins as early as Junior Kindergarten with the opportunity for Elementary students to study in our STEM classroom twice per week. Our curriculum offers a hands-on approach that teaches all age groups using an engineering process to solve problems.   

Our Secondary School begins with an Introduction to STEM in 6th grade and concludes with a college-level Introduction to Engineering class in High School. Our curriculum helps to develop critical thinking skills which are essential in our rapidly changing world.  

Secondary students explore the basic ideas of design using the engineering design process, 3D modeling and design, 3D printing, coding, robotics, the science of flight and space, the magic of electrons, and the science of nanotechnology.

4th - 6th Grade Vex IQ Robotic Teams

Oakland Christian 4th - 6th graders have the opportunity to question, tinker, experiment, and play like the natural scientists and engineers that they are! VEX competitions foster these skills and capitalize on the motivational effects of competitions and robotics to help all students identify as STEM learners. 

7th - 12th Grade VEX IQ Robotics Teams

oakland christian school robotics
oakland christian school robotics
oakland christian school robotics
oakland christian school robotics
oakland christian school robotics

In a little over five years, the OCS Robotics team has become a world-class competitor, competing at the VEX World Championships for the second year in a row. This prestigious event brings hundreds of the top VEX robotics teams together from around the world. OCS Robotics is the longest-running competitive season at the school. Students meet nearly all year long to prepare for competitions and successfully made it to the Michigan State Championship over the last three years. The OCS Robotics teams have won over 20 awards at competitions including 12 tournament championship awards and 2 distinguished awards at the State Championship. Nearly 50 students have participated in the OCS robotics program over the past 5 years with an average of 20 students participating each year.

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