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Exploring their Natural Curiosity

Our Kindergarten Programs are Designed to Prepare Children for Elementary School and Beyond

Our Kindergarten programs are designed to prepare your child developmentally and socially for the rest of their school years. Our consistent schedules, small class sizes, qualified teachers, and additional special classes create a space for your child to THRIVE in Kindergarten.

Kindergarten Programs:

  • Junior Kindergarten -  This program for 4 yr olds and younger 5 yr olds is designed to prepare them for Kindergarten. Children should be developmentally ready for a learning program, including following directions and enjoying a structured learning environment. Junior Kindergarten is a good option for five-year-olds who would benefit from another year of growth and development before Kindergarten. Families may choose between a full-day and a half-day option.
  • Kindergarten - Both English and Spanish Immersion Kindergarten classes will provide a structured and fun learning environment where students will build their foundational learning skills. Children will gain confidence, independence, and understanding of academic concepts, while also experiencing the enrichment classes that OCS has to offer. Children will participate in a developmental observation prior to finalizing enrolling to ensure the Kindergarten class is an appropriate placement. 
  • Spanish Immersion Kindergarten - This program allows students to become bilingual, bi-literate, and bi-cultural so they can learn and comprehend in both Spanish and English. The curriculum mirrors the curriculum and instruction in our English Kindergarten program, but the content is presented in Spanish.  Learn more about the benefits of a dual-language program HERE.

Our Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and Spanish Immersion Programs Include:

Qualified teachers providing in-person, hands-on educational lesson plans


Accredited curriculum offering everything needed to build a strong foundation for your child


Multi-sensory, phonics-based reading instruction to engage the whole brain

Small group instruction to provide individualized academic attention


Special classes such as Physical Education, Music, Library, Art, Spanish, & Technology


A healthy/safety-first environment with robust health protocols in place 

Preparing Your Child to Succeed in Elementary School

Many consider kindergarten the new first grade because primary schools have come to expect more and more from young students academically. At our schools, we go the distance to sufficiently equip your child for rigorous educational standards, while easing the transition into formal education. While our kindergarten program polishes your child’s academic skills, we also prioritize playfulness and social development with safe learning settings, experienced instructors, and compact classrooms. Our private kindergarten program supports your kindergartener’s cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development in a holistic manner for whole child development.

OCS is committed to getting kindergarten students started with the best academic foundation possible.  We specifically recommend a program based on the child's developmental age so that he/she can be a confident, thriving student. 


Laying the Foundation for Future Academic Success

Research has shown that an effective kindergarten education can positively influence your child well into adulthood. Programs with engaged instructors and small classrooms are linked to higher test scores and a greater likelihood of attending college. Furthermore, a comprehensive kindergarten program may also benefit other aspects in your child’s adult life; research shows that those who receive quality kindergarten education have a better chance at earning a higher salary, getting married, and owning a home. Our kindergarten school fosters your little learner’s cognitive, social-emotional, and physical skills to properly prepare them for their educational path.


The ability to think logically is key to academic success. Our kindergarten program nurtures your child’s cognitive growth through exercises like asking questions, speaking intentionally, and counting by fingers. Responsive interaction, stimulating environments, and engaging activities are paramount to building a strong intellectual foundation. 


Cooperative group work and team building are key to helping young students to navigate their socio-emotional experiences.  Kagan® Cooperative Learning structures teach students to listen, to be heard, and to compliment each other.  Teaching Transformation® encourages students to do real work for real people which is thinking of others!


Kindergartners are still developing both their gross motor skills, whole body movement, and their fine motor skills, the coordination of small muscle movements. OCS offers a variety of opportunities for students to enhance their fine and gross motor skills.  Students are engaged in movement activities, flexible seating choices, and many engaging fine motor activities to increase their abilities.