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Campus Life

Before & After School Care

Alpha and Omega Center

  • Provides an opportunity for children to participate in a variety of activities that are fun, developmentally appropriate, and allow for social, physical, and intellectual stimulation
  • Is a place to work on homework or school projects
  • Provides a competent and caring Christian staff
  • Is a safe place for students before and after school
  • Is a pleasant Christian atmosphere that enriches the child’s learning before and after school


Child Information Record Form (Must be completed before the first day of after-school care)

The state of Michigan mandates all students attending licensed child care must have the attached “child information record” on file in the center. To ensure that Oakland Christian School is in compliance with all state mandates, please complete this form and return it to Stephanie Mendenhall or the Elementary office by your child’s first day of Omega care. 

All information is required unless indicated “optional.” If you have a blank field make sure it is labeled “unknown” or “none.” If there are blank fields on the form when it is submitted it will be returned to be completed. Click HERE to access the form.   

If parents are running late for pick-up, please contact Omega at 248-904-9469.

Payment and Fees

The cost for before and after-school childcare is $7.50 per hour per child. Families will be billed monthly through the FACTS billing system. Late fees will be $1.00 per minute after 6:00 pm.

Location and Hours of Operation

The center will be open Monday – Friday, beginning the first day of school. The center will be closed on scheduled or unscheduled days off (in-service, holidays, snow days, etc.). Alpha Care begins each day at 7 am. Omega Care begins each day after school and operates until 6:00 pm. Thank you for being prompt in picking up your child(ren). 


Elementary and Secondary students are encouraged to bring a snack or they may purchase one for a small fee ranging from 50¢ to $1. Students may pay for snacks daily with cash, or parents may prepay for their child’s snacks with a check or cash. Snack cards can be purchased when picking up your child from the Alpha and Omega Center.

Sign In and Sign Out

When Elementary and Secondary students arrive at the Alpha and Omega Center, they will be signed in to the program by a staff member. A parent or predetermined adult on the child’s Child Information Record must personally pick up their child(ren) and sign them out. Students will not be allowed to sign themselves out.

If it becomes necessary to have someone other than the predetermined adult pick up your child, you must notify the school office or Alpha and Omega phone with the name of the person picking up. The person must also be listed on the child information record. We will not release a child to someone who is not on the child's information record or whose parents have not notified the office. Identification (Michigan Driver’s License) will be checked for those people with whom the staff is unfamiliar.

Unless custody has been established by a court action, one parent may not limit the other from picking up the child(ren) from our care. A copy of the court order must be on file with the Alpha and Omega Center in order for a child to not be released to a parent.

Behavioral Expectations

  • Children must remain in the Alpha and Omega Center area with an Alpha Center staff member
  • Children are to respect the rights and property of others
  • Children are to act courteously and appropriately, be cooperative, and follow instructions
  • School building rules apply along with Alpha and Omega Center rules
  • Appropriate and acceptable language is expected
  • Children are expected to be responsible for their actions
  • Materials and equipment are to be treated properly and returned to where they belong


  • If a problem occurs, the members of our staff use positive methods of discipline that encourage self-control, self-direction, and cooperation Most disruptive behavior will be handled with a “removal from the activity”, which gives the child time to regain self-control and time to think about his/her actions
  • Inappropriate behavior will be brought to the attention of the parent who picks up the child and to the Director of the program or Principle. We will follow the published discipline plan located in the Elementary Handbook. 
  • Chronic disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.  An incident report will be given to the parent or guardian to read, and then a meeting with the Director and/or Principal will be arranged


The following circumstances may result in a child being dismissed from before or after school care:

  • Failure to pay for services in a timely manner
  • Chronic disregard for the 6:00 pm closing time
  • Any child intentionally harming another child, himself or herself, or a staff member
  • A child who does not adjust to behavioral recommendations as found in or out of the program
  • Parents chronically do not sign a child out of the Alpha and Omega Center

Early Dismissal or Inclement Weather Days

The Alpha and Omega Center will follow the Oakland Christian School Early Dismissal or Inclement Weather Days policy.

Health and Safety

The Alpha and Omega Center will follow the Health & Safety guidelines of the Early Education Center. See page 8 in the EEC parent handbook, under “Health and Safety”. Outside play is planned every day, weather permitting. Please dress your child according to the weather; this includes hats, gloves, coats, and boots in winter.  

Contact Information:

Stephanie Mendenhall
Family Volunteer Coordinator

Amy Douglas
Kiosk Receptionist/Manages Hours