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The Cooper Family

November 08, 2023
By Oakland Christian School
What do you love about Oakland Christian?

We love the OCS community and Christ-centered environment. Having the teachers be able to pray over the kids and worship together with them at weekly chapels is something that is priceless to me. Our children are always surrounded by people who genuinely care about them spiritually and academically.

Why choose Oakland Christian?

We selected Oakland Christian for many different reasons; the academics, the Christ-like environment where they are able to talk about God and pray in school, and the opportunity for our 4 children to be in the same building from Kindergarten all the way up to 12th grade. We love the fact that our kids get to form relationships that will last a lifetime and will carry them from their childhood, teenage to adult years.

How has your child's faith grown at Oakland Christian?

We have seen our children not just memorize scripture but truly hide God’s word in their hearts. The teachers do a great job of implementing the word of God outside of just memorizing something for a test. The kids have the ability to continue to practice what we teach our family at home and carry it over at school.  We have seen our kids worship God with their arms outstretched and belting out a worship song that comes on the radio because they heard it at school and they end up teaching us new songs and hand movements they learned from chapel.

Describe Oakland Christian in one word.


Why consider enrolling at Oakland Christian School?

If you are thinking about coming to Oakland Christian School, do it! I love knowing that the kids' best interest is always at heart and that the teachers and staff truly love and take pride in what they do day in and day out!

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