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The Lucido Family

November 01, 2020
By Oakland Christian School

Sebastian & Kris, Francesca (OCS 10’), Jack (Ocs 11'), Alexandra (OCS 12’), son-in-law Adam Exelby (OCS 12'), Isabella (OCS 15’), Victoria (OCS 17’), Antonina (OCS 19'), & Sophia (11 grade)

Before we get started, I don’t want you to view this like one of “those” family Christmas letters you dread reading. We have a lot of children.  :-)

Our children are uniquely designed by God.  With that being said, throughout the years our children have been involved in so many activities.  Athletics plays a large part for many of our children. Our son was involved in football, baseball, bowling, and golf.  The girls were involved in cross-country, track, bowling, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and cheerleading.  Cheerleading was out of their comfort zone but taught them how to use their voice and get in front of a crowd. We love that some of our children could achieve All-American, and All-State status while others were just happy to be a part of a team and grow as individuals.

Our children have also been involved in OCS mission trips to China, Costa Rica and Mexico. On those mission trips, they learned that some of the happiest people were the poorest people. One of our girls went on a Europe trip. That trip was an amazing cultural experience.  Our children have been involved with the National Honor Society, student council, peer tutoring,  LEAD, Band,  Side by Side, Home Economics club,  Eco Club, and book club. Furthermore, our children have developed beautiful relationships with some of the International students.  

We became part of the OCS family back in 2007, we have always desired a Christian education for our children from preschool through college.  We want them to learn through the lens of the Word of God.  Years ago, our first meeting with Doc Johnson, we felt comfortable with the Christian and spiritual aspects of OCS as well as the high academic standards.  The students would gather, on their own, to have once a month student-led teaching and worship bonfires.

I’ve always dreamed of having a large family and being a part of each of my children’s lives.  I have been a team mom, field trip chaperone, volunteered at athletic events, PTF, substitute teaching, room mom, lunchroom mom, and transition committee, and continue to assist the elementary staff with projects.  I love laminating for the elementary, it’s free therapy.  The paper goes in plain and comes out shiny!  

What’s unique about OCS is that we appreciate the multi-faceted Christian thinking from a diverse group of dominations and non-denominational church members. We love the spirit of the school.  OCS can balance high academics, “heart” work, spirituality, and have fun while doing it. The OCS student body has always embraced their peers for exactly how God created each individual regardless of their economic status, personal shortcomings or disabilities.

My advice to new families is to enjoy each and every opportunity to be involved in their children’s lives. They grow up quickly! You truly get what you put into it. Our family is still very connected with many OCS families from our initial years and enjoying the current families.


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