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The Lopes / Kubinski Family

August 02, 2019
By Oakland Christian School

We’ve been at OCS for 6 years for the kids (since 2014), and I (Jessie) am an OCS alum from the Class of 2000. Efraim plays basketball and was on the Elementary Robotics team. Ben is on the worship team. Hannah and Efraim are in the Spanish Immersion program.

God opens a way and easily leads you there. When we arrived back, it felt like we stumbled upon OCS but really it was God's kind hand guiding our path. He has many beautiful purposes in which he plants our feet.  

One of my favorite things at OCS is praying with a few teachers Monday or Tuesday mornings every week before school on campus. What a foundation this laid to dedicate our weeks, and lift them up to the mighty God who would carry us and all our burdens throughout that week so faithfully. Covering the teachers and students (with the teachers) in prayer was always my favorite.  I also love volunteering at the used uniform sale!  It has always lightened my load and blessed me. I have always felt clothed and provided for through this sale, and God's hand has always been present in clothing us beautifully!

There are pathways around every corner to find Jesus! He is hidden in different aspects of the culture at OCS and I love the way we encounter him. I love the open spaces, teachers, mission trips, student prayer and Bible study, worship team, and endless other ways that Jesus meets the people of Oakland Christian, and they experience him in a new, personal, and intimate way.

I believe the best days of OCS are yet to come. There is a beautiful field there with ground to be worked on and foundation to be laid, so a more beautiful and diverse landscape can come up...a place where God's Spirit is comfortable to stay and abide, transforming the lives within into their God-given purposes and destinies so that no one leaves their gifts unused.  We love OCS!

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