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The Goetz Family

October 28, 2022
By Oakland Christian School

What do you love about Oakland Christian?

The teacher's passion for Jesus & our children radiates through the hallways of this amazing school.

Why choose Oakland Christian?

We fell in love with the tree house library, the small class sizes, the Christian education that was integrated throughout the entire day, and the feeling that we were a part of a family from the first day we walked in.

How has your child's faith grown at Oakland Christian?

Our children now openly pray at larger family gatherings, they constantly volunteer to lead the Christian pledge at chapel, are jamming to Christian music in their rooms while singing all the words, and most importantly they turn to God & pray with any feelings or struggles. 

Describe Oakland Christian in one word.

A true blessing. 

Why consider enrolling at Oakland Christian School?

It is life-changing in the best way. Our children are so happy here and so are we. 

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Meet Terri Clark

September 11, 2022
By Oakland Christian School

What’s your new position at OCS?

Elementary Principal

Where are you from?

San Diego, CA

Where do you go to church?

The Lakes

Tell us about your family!

I have 4 grown children, a beautiful daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I love to ride bikes, cook, read, and spend time with family.

What are you most passionate about?

Helping children and teachers grow in their walk with God, bringing glory to God in the roles He has called me to.

What are you looking forward to most in your new role at OCS?

Being a part of God's story at OCS!

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The McFarland Family

August 19, 2022
By Oakland Christian School

What do you love about Oakland Christian? 

We love that our children are being/have been taught in an environment that matches what we provide them with at home.  

Why choose Oakland Christian?

We chose OCS (way back in 2007!) for the Christian values and small class sizes that allowed more individual & personal instruction. We continue to choose OCS for those same reasons as well as for the relationships we have made while there.

How has your child's faith grown at Oakland Christian? 

Since our kids have all been at OCS since a very young age, we haven't noticed any significant leaps or bounds in their faith, but we do know that the continual feeding has given them a strong foundation and we can't wait to see how God shapes them as they take responsibility for their own faith in adulthood.

Describe Oakland Christian in one word. 


Why consider enrolling at Oakland Christian School? 

Come take a look and fall in love with the OCS family. Don't be turned away by the cost. If God wants you there, He WILL provide! I never thought we'd be able to put 1 kiddo through Christian schooling, but here we are with 2 (lifer) graduates and a 3rd one making his way through. God cares about the desires of our hearts. 

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The Johnson Family

August 08, 2022
By Oakland Christian School


What do you love about Oakland Christian? 

We love EVERYTHING about OCS! The teachers are amazing!  You can tell they truly love working with their students! Everyone is so friendly and caring! Our two girls love going to school because of the warmth and positivity that they feel at OCS!  

Why choose Oakland Christian?

We were totally impressed with the Spanish Immersion Program! To have our children learning a second language is a gift that we cannot give them as we are not bilingual. It has been a wonderful program, and even though we are not Spanish speakers, our daughters have picked up the language and are doing great in the program (and their English reading and writing is great too!).

How has your child's faith grown at Oakland Christian? 

Our girls love singing worship songs in chapel, memorizing Bible verses, and learning Bible stories in class! Their faith is growing so much by being a part of OCS!

Describe Oakland Christian in one word. 


Why consider enrolling at Oakland Christian School? 

It's the best decision you will ever make!  

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Introducing our 2022-2023 Spiritual Theme

August 06, 2022
By Oakland Christian School

Based on Colossians 3:16-17, the spiritual theme at Oakland Christian for the 22/23 school year is, “Dwell Richly.” The apostle Paul wrote this letter around A.D. 60 to the church at Colossae while serving his first prison sentence in Rome. Here is the text from the ESV translation (emphasis ours):

"Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." - Colossians 3:16-17

"Dwell" in the Greek language is best translated as, “to live in,” “to be at home,” or “to inhabit.”

Paul then is admonishing those in Colossae to emphasize that the Word of God is to live in them, to have a home in their hearts, and to inhabit their minds.

At first glance, these verses from Colossians 3:16-17 seem quite simple to understand, but upon closer examination, we can see their true challenge come to light. We find this Greek translation of “dwell” ἐνοικείτω (ENOI-KEE-TOE) in a few additional places in the New Testament. 

First, Romans 8 uses it to describe the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. The same Spirit that dwelled in Jesus, that raised him from the dead, dwells in the believer.  

Second, 2 Corinthians 6:16 also uses "dwell". It references an Old Testament scripture from Exodus 29 stating that The Lord God will dwell among His people.

We can’t wait to explore this theme together as a school community!

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The Brouwer Family

May 20, 2022
By Oakland Christian School

What do you love about Oakland Christian? 

Evidently Christ-centered teaching, environment, and leadership. We love that the teachers and staff really love the Lord and want to help children learn how to love Him and others well. We love our son's teachers. The wonderful interaction we've had in communication with all the staff and teachers is so personal, honest, and eager to work with us to provide a wonderful learning environment for our student and family. The families are so friendly and friendships are built. We love going to chapel and seeing our student praise God along with his classmates.

Why choose Oakland Christian?

We prayerfully chose Oakland Christian for our student after looking at several Christian schools in the area. God used conversations with staff at OCS, and families considering our child's gifting and interests to lead us to choose to send our child to Oakland Christian. God has confirmed that choice for us since attending.

How has your child's faith grown at Oakland Christian? 

Learning to lean on God in all circumstances. Learning ways we can worship Him in all aspects of our life. Our student didn't love to sing before and now loves to sing and worship God thanks to chapel songs he has learned to know well.

Describe Oakland Christian in one word. 


Why consider enrolling at Oakland Christian School? 

Pray about it. Definitely make a visit and see the environment for yourself. Talk to the teachers, staff, and families and ask the questions you have. Consider your child. Give Oakland Christian a try. You'll find a genuinely caring environment striving to be centered on Christ.

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2022 Excellence in Education Awards

April 26, 2022
By Oakland Christian School

In participation with the Auburn Hills Chamber of Commerce, we were thrilled to nominate students, Matthew Douglas (5th grade), Joesey DeLong (8th grade), and Zanaria Ware (12th grade) for the 2022 Excellence in Education Awards. 

Excellence in Education celebrates qualities of excellence within students and their educators. Students are selected based on character, community service, academics, and involvement in extracurricular activities. 

Excellence in Education Award Winners

As part of the program, the selected students name a teacher who has made a significant impact in their lives. Mrs. Hosmer was nominated by Matthew Douglas, Mrs. Gross was nominated by Joesey Delong, and Mrs. Hall was nominated by Zanaria Ware. 

In addition to the Excellence in Education Award that Zanaria received, she also was awarded the Forvia Future Leader Scholarship. The following testimonies were submitted by our award winners about their significant-impact educators.

"I have attended Oakland Christian School since Kindergarten. Mrs. Hosmer was my fourth-grade teacher. She is nice and was fun to have as a teacher. Mrs. Hosmer created games for us to play to help us learn our subjects. My favorite game was “Math Basketball.” We also did several different projects during the year. One of my favorite projects was “The Oregon Trail” in Social Studies. She helped us learn about the hardships that the people experienced and how it is important to prepare for things in life. Mrs. Hosmer is also always very kind. She started a Friendship Club to teach us about being kind to others. I am glad I have the chance to recognize her as one of my favorite teachers." - Matthew Douglas

"The teacher that has helped me be where I am today is Mrs. Gross. I have always struggled a little with math and did not have a lot of courage trying to work it out by myself. Mrs. Gross started tutoring me in 6th grade. She always would encourage me and build me up even when I doubted myself. Whenever I had a homework problem, math test, or an exam she would always be there to help me and build up my strength and confidence. I am so very thankful and blessed that I have had the privilege of Mrs. Gross being my teacher." -Joesey DeLong

"I nominated Mrs. Hall as I have been extremely grateful to have her in my life. Although she never taught me in a class she has gone above and beyond to support me as I transitioned from the International Technology Academy. She was a constant encouragement, pushed me not to fall behind, and celebrated with me my successes. She also filled in the parental gaps that have been missing in my life. When my grandma passed away, she organized a Christmas surprise of gifts from Oakland Christian school teachers and staff. For that simple act of kindness and so many others, I am very grateful." -Zanaria Ware

Congratulations to both students and teachers! 

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LifeBuilders 2022

April 22, 2022
By Oakland Christian School


What is LifeBuilders? 

LifeBuilders is the school's largest community event and fundraising celebration of the year! This year, live auction highlights included four parking spots, premium graduation seating, and dozens of unique items and gift cards from local businesses and beyond. Additionally, three program initiatives were highlighted: STEM/Science, Elementary, and Spiritual Formation.

This year’s LifeBuilders event was held at Palazzo Di Bocce where local businesses, families, teachers, and staff in attendance enjoyed a casual evening of fellowship, food, networking, a live auction, and Bocce!

Event Sponsors 


The Fisher Family Foundation

Oakland Christian School Alumni

The Lancer Foundation

Paletz Law

Georgia Quality Carpet Outlet


Hello Fancy Boutique

Grit Obstacle Training 


Dennis Uniform

Diamond Vault of Troy

Crane Technologies

Prefered Realty Pros 

The Milby Family

Browe Skin and Brow Bar

Schoenherr Roofing

The Yatooma Foundation

Animal Surgical Center of Michigan


Event Success

The event brought in over $84,000 with 90 guests in attendance. Proceeds from the event will provide for a variety of needs including general operating expenses, science lab equipment, an additional whiteboard for elementary staff, along with a new piano and drum set for the music department.

The investments made by families and sponsors make it possible for Oakland Christian to live out the mission of equipping students to fulfill their unique God-given purpose.

A huge thank you to our sponsors! View our event photo album HERE.

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The Sabin Family

December 03, 2021
By Oakland Christian School


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The Dunn Family

December 02, 2021
By Oakland Christian School



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The Klein Family

December 01, 2021
By Oakland Christian School



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The Courtney Family

August 01, 2021
By Oakland Christian School

 Jason, Patricia, Keira (6th grade), Keigan (3rd grade)

We initially heard about OCS through friends.  We love that it is a faith-based school with a focus on academics. We love the culture of the school, the support of the community, and the camaraderie amongst the students. We love the spirit wear!

Keira really enjoyed playing “Sourwood Mountain” with the Middle School Orchestra. She raves about Chapel and being moved by the worship, the talent, and being in community with everyone.

Some of the activities we’ve participated in include: Keira joined the Middle School Kindness Club during advisory hour. Patricia volunteers any chance she can although limited due to the pandemic The last activity was with the PTF.  It was the post-it notes project!  Leaving encouraging notes for the middle and high schoolers to fill their hearts was such a great idea, so fun!  

Everyone has been so welcoming and helpful to integrate us in, Even with the restrictions of the pandemic which have limited so much.

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The Sanchez Family

July 01, 2021
By Oakland Christian School

Manuel, Viviana, Adrian (6th), & Alexa (4th)

Education is the most important heritage for our children besides the Christian faith. They have always been attending private school. Their prior school did not offer Middle or High School. So it was time for a change when Adrian moved into 6th grade and we started looking for his preparation for college. The previous school was not a religious school. Therefore it was very important to us to find a school that would allow our children to freely express their beliefs in the Christian faith. That will not only encourage but will actively support their growth in the knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Another important criterion for us was a school that would offer opportunities like AP Program in High school. After evaluating a couple of options we decided on OCS.  We live in Oakland Township, so we were familiar with the school and we also have a couple of friends whose children attended OCS in the past and they recommended it to us.

We have felt welcomed from the beginning, the teachers and classmates have helped my kids to be integrated pretty quickly.  Even though we have had little interaction with other families so far due to the pandemic. They both enjoy chapel and are learning important fundamentals in the faith and also how to defend their beliefs when they will be challenged. Both children were in the ski club. Adrian participated in the Science & Engineering Fair of Metropolitan Detroit representing OCS and he was awarded Second place for his project, "How Fast an Alka-Seltzer tablet Makes Gas?".  He was also nominated to participate in the 2021 Broadcom Masters Science Fair.

What’s unique about Oakland Christian School is the online education platform and more importantly, the ability as parents to be able to oversee their students’ progress without having to be in constant contact with the teachers.  This has been an extremely valuable tool for us this past year during the pandemic. And it will continue beyond this year. The teachers are always available when you need to speak to them.

The preparation to transition to online learning was solid. In Middle and Elementary school, online learning was not required this year, but we felt that the infrastructures were in place. And they were ready anytime when there is a quarantined situation, to make the switch seamlessly. Especially compared to last year when so many schools were scrambling to make online learning successful.

The school and Elementary communications keep us up to date with the school activities and how they have handled the pandemic. This has been very important to us.  Alexa's teacher, Mrs. Hosmer has been a great support to her and definitively helped her to quickly integrate into the classroom. She is truly a blessing. The teachers challenge them but also offer so much support and praise to our children. 

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The Brooks Family

May 01, 2021
By Oakland Christian School

 James, Debra, Jaycee (8th), Molly (5th), Landri (3rd) and James Jr. (1st)

We were drawn to OCS because we knew our children would get a top-notch Christian education. We are a military family and when we were told we were moving to this area we reviewed the Christian schools in the area and OCS stood out in academics, fun activities for the kids, sports, and everyone was so friendly.

Chapel is actually one of our kids' favorite activities during the week. They come home singing and signing songs they have learned and always have a lesson they are eager to share. Sports activities are also a favorite.

We would recommend OCS to anyone looking for Christian education. My children have felt so much love from their teachers. Although COVID has made some things a little different, OCS has gone above and beyond to try to make things as normal as possible. Oakland Christian School offers a faith-based, Godly education and we are most thankful! We move around a lot and it usually takes months before our kids are really known by the faculty and staff at the school. At OCS it was not the case, our kids were treated like family and known by name immediately. It was so refreshing! 

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The Usztan Family

April 01, 2021
By Oakland Christian School

Boris, Christina, Taras (OCS 6th Grade), Vladimir (4th) & Ivan (3rd)

We loved OCS from the minute we walked in!  We were welcomed with open arms. Taras started in 6th grade last October and next school year in the Fall, our other two younger boys will be attending 4th & 5th grade here at OCS!

We were drawn to our son’s relationship with God and knowledge of the Bible growing by attending OCS. We love the challenge academically and how the staff helps our son be successful.  Everyone has been so kind and loving. You can see how much every staff member cares about the success of the students and their individual walk with God.

We love everything OCS has to offer. For a small school, there are many extracurriculars for the kids to participate in. Taras is playing basketball now and looks forward to football in the fall.  We are looking forward to the upcoming 5K!   We enjoyed participating in the LifeBuilders auction.

OCS is unique in regard to the amazing staff they have and everything they pour into the children. The students are receiving a high-quality education along with highly educated, God-loving teachers and staff providing guidance and character building.  We have been amazed at how welcoming every teacher and student has been! My son is now playing the trumpet and loves it! He enjoys all his classes. He feels challenged and also feels encouraged to rise to the occasion and be successful! 

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The Budzinski Family

February 01, 2021
By Oakland Christian School

Jesse, Amber, Cora (3rd), Sienna (Kindergarten), Mila & Brooks

Our family was drawn to OCS from its reputation in the community as being a school that teaches Biblical principles coupled with strong academics. We also felt very welcomed by the staff and current families that attended OCS to become a part of the school family. We knew our kids would thrive in a place like OCS and be shown and taught the Love of Christ in their classrooms while also being challenged academically.

Due to the current state of the country, we know it has been slightly different than past years to get involved and participate. However, we have been very thankful that the teachers have kept us informed on all the classroom activities and kept things fun and exciting for the kids! We look forward to being able to be more involved in person in the future. As a first-year family, we have only had close experiences with Mrs. Morga and Mrs. Ream. We have been blown away by how much they pour into our daughters and how they really focus on not just teaching them school work but also on developing their characters and encouraging them to make wise decisions and grow their relationships with the Lord. We are so happy with our decision to send our kids to OCS!

OCS is truly a one-of-a-kind place! From the frequent emails and devotionals encouraging the OCS families with scripture and prayer over our children to the teachers who continually update us as parents and pray over our students, I don't know of another school that strives to provide an excellent education along with instilling strong Biblical values all while making education so exciting and fun quite like OCS does.


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The Fahey Family

November 02, 2020
By Oakland Christian School

Marty,  Sunny,  Isaac (4th Grade), Caleb (2nd Grade), Silas (1st Grade)

This is the start of our seventh year. We had our first experience with the preschool at the OCS Clarkston campus and have been blessed ever since. The teaching is phenomenal and it is reassuring to parents that each teacher is reinforcing the biblical principles that we teach at home.

The boys have participated in flag football & soccer club. We’re looking forward to more to come as they get older.  We love going to the varsity football games on Friday nights and rooting for our Lancers!  We also love attending the chapels to participate in worship with our children.

What initially drew us to OCS was the Christian education.  Their reputation for a Biblical worldview and excellence in academics. What’s unique about OCS is that they’re uncompromising on Biblical teaching.  Teachers have gone above and beyond to meet each boy’s personality, interests, and learning styles. As parents, we couldn’t feel more blessed!

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The Miller Family

August 01, 2020
By Oakland Christian School

We’re beginning our sixth year at OCS this Fall. What initially drew us to OCS is the Christian environment. Activities that our girls are involved in include: soccer, volleyball, softball, strings, Honor Society,  LEAD, and Geo Challenge.  

Programs and activities around campus that we’ve loved volunteering are class field trips /activities, sports volunteer opportunities, and the SCRIP gift card program.

What’s unique about OCS is that the teachers display the love of Christ to their students. As the world is becoming a darker place, OCS seeks to walk with the Lord.

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The Franey Family

October 01, 2019
By Oakland Christian School

We began our OCS journey when Alaina was going into 3rd grade and Abby was in 1st. My (Lisa) dad was a public school teacher and I taught in the public schools for 8 years. I was grateful to share the love of Jesus in this ministry. However, as our children grew we became more and more concerned about these vital years.  Before we visited OCS for the first time, we prayed for clear signs to guide our decision and God was faithful to answer! From the moment we stepped in the door, we felt His peace and presence.  Many Spirit-led conversations and interactions with staff members made our decision clear. OCS was the place we wanted our children to be "trained up in His Word" so that when they leave this place they are fully prepared to step into the joys and challenges of adulthood!  

Alaina is involved in varsity basketball and volleyball, National Junior Honor Society, and will begin serving as a member of the LEAD team this year. Abby participated in middle school volleyball, basketball, softball, and soccer. She is also part of the National Junior Honor Society, plays the violin in the orchestra, and will be joining the praise band this upcoming year as she enters high school.

Together, Brian and I served on the FOLK team for 3 years, planning events for families at OCS. Brian has truly enjoyed his time as the varsity girls' assistant coach and now as the head coach. He joyfully pours into these girls and their families, and reaps the benefits of growing spiritually every year!  I enjoyed volunteering for field trips and helping in the classroom during my elementary years and now enjoy supporting my husband and these amazing girls.  The biggest blessing has been being a part of the OCS prayer team since the first year we joined this OCS family! Nothing can compare to praying with other brothers and sisters in Christ and seeing God doing amazing things within His body of believers!  

My advice to new families? Embrace this family as your own! You will never regret the time you've spent investing in your children's future!   Jesus is at the center of OCS... and for that, we are so very thankful! The staff and administrators truly care about every child and work hard to help them become the best version of who God created them to be!  

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The LeRoy Family

September 01, 2019
By Oakland Christian School

Our children started at OCS 7 years ago, back in the Fall of 2013. We were looking for a faith-based program that also provided strong academics. Athletics were a large part of our decision- we wanted a place where our kids could play sports and have a large variety to choose from. Our kids have participated in football, basketball, baseball, soccer club, art club, and science club.

I love that our students can start in preschool together and travel all the way to graduation together. They really become like siblings who take care of and watch out for one another. This also allows the parents to bond and communicate with each other.

PTF and Lifebuilders are a huge part of my life here at OCS. I love to support our staff and show them how loved they are. Raising funds for the school to be able to provide even more programs and opportunities for students has been a blessing.

OCS has become our family. With all three kids there, being involved in volunteering, sports, and after-school activities, this school is a part of our everyday lives. Families take care of one another and love your kids as you love them. I know that if I need anything I can count on the staff or families for help. Our social life is really intertwined with OCS and we are so grateful for the friendships we have here. We can raise our kids and grow in our faith together.

Photo credit:  Blonde Tulip Photography

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The Lopes / Kubinski Family

August 02, 2019
By Oakland Christian School

We’ve been at OCS for 6 years for the kids (since 2014), and I (Jessie) am an OCS alum from the Class of 2000. Efraim plays basketball and was on the Elementary Robotics team. Ben is on the worship team. Hannah and Efraim are in the Spanish Immersion program.

God opens a way and easily leads you there. When we arrived back, it felt like we stumbled upon OCS but really it was God's kind hand guiding our path. He has many beautiful purposes in which he plants our feet.  

One of my favorite things at OCS is praying with a few teachers Monday or Tuesday mornings every week before school on campus. What a foundation this laid to dedicate our weeks, and lift them up to the mighty God who would carry us and all our burdens throughout that week so faithfully. Covering the teachers and students (with the teachers) in prayer was always my favorite.  I also love volunteering at the used uniform sale!  It has always lightened my load and blessed me. I have always felt clothed and provided for through this sale, and God's hand has always been present in clothing us beautifully!

There are pathways around every corner to find Jesus! He is hidden in different aspects of the culture at OCS and I love the way we encounter him. I love the open spaces, teachers, mission trips, student prayer and Bible study, worship team, and endless other ways that Jesus meets the people of Oakland Christian, and they experience him in a new, personal, and intimate way.

I believe the best days of OCS are yet to come. There is a beautiful field there with ground to be worked on and foundation to be laid, so a more beautiful and diverse landscape can come up...a place where God's Spirit is comfortable to stay and abide, transforming the lives within into their God-given purposes and destinies so that no one leaves their gifts unused.  We love OCS!

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The Ahn Family

August 01, 2019
By Oakland Christian School

We began our OCS journey in August of 2012 when our daughter, Taylor, started Kindergarten. We sought out OCS for Christian education. We stayed because the instruction is excellent. We have embraced the community at OCS, it is home. At OCS we can unapologetically declare our love for Jesus. We come together to worship and pray as a body. Our kids are taught to serve others and give all the glory to God.

Taylor is entering 8th grade in the fall of 2020. She plays the violin in the Middle School Orchestra. She plays Lancer Softball and Soccer. She is a member of the NJHS (National Junior Honor Society). Our son, Cameron, is entering 6th grade this fall. He plays Lancer Football, Basketball, and Baseball. He is also a member of the elementary Robotics team.

There are so many ways to engage in the community at OCS. Chris has served on the school board for many years, but he really enjoys his time in the booth announcing the Lancer elementary football games. Kristi enjoys helping the class with service days and field trips, but her favorite experience is creating the Fear Factor room for the Middle School Lock-In.

One of our favorite events at OCS is the Elementary Fall Fun Night. It is a great time to build relationships with other OCS families in an outdoor setting. We relax and enjoy chili on a cool fall night before heading through the trails to watch the Lancers bring home a football victory.

Photo credit: Devin Parrish Photography

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