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Art and Writing Competition Winners

June 14, 2022
By Oakland Christian School

Congratulations to Oakland Christian School Art students who had work selected by The Zekelman Holocaust Center to win the Kappy Anne Frank and Elie Wiesel Night Art & Writing Competition. This competition seeks to educate students about the Holocaust, engage them through Anne Frank and Elie Wiesel’s profound stories, and empower them to move from thought to action using creative expression. Congratulations to Lillian Scheu, Katie Austin, and Avery Miller!

“Remembering the Holocaust means choosing to take a stand against bias, hatred, and violence. It means standing up for what is right and good. By using their voices through art and writing, students share their messages in a creative and meaningful way. Art and writing have the power to touch people's hearts and minds. By using your voice and speaking about the Holocaust, you can help ensure that such suffering never happens again. That is the Power of Your Voice. What lesson from the Holocaust will you impart with the power of your voice? How will you use your voice—through your art or writing—to impart your message about the Holocaust?” -The Zekelman Holocaust Center

"Many images and words moved me personally this evening. It’s good that children today study and know about past atrocities. May the wrongs of that time in history never occur again." -Jane Hunter

A Voice of Hope,  Avery Miller, 11th Grade

Statement of Purpose

“This piece portrays four Jewish boys with little hope left, but one, still has some to remain, and with it he not only calls upon the Lord for strength and protection but also for future generations to not forget. They are to not forget the turmoil, strife, and pain, but rather look to the Lord for their ultimate deliverance in all times of trials. As Psalms 91:1-15 fills the background, it shows that with the power of their voice, calling upon the Lord, He will answer them. As the light grows stronger around the boy who spoke out, it shows how with his voice he can gain strength, and hope, and become a sign of remembrance for those who will later look upon this devastating event. From here, we are called to be further voices, in order to not forget and to not become accomplices in disregarding the real horrification that took place.” -Avery Miller


Lost Childhood, Lilly Scheu, 11th Grade

Statement of Purpose

"How was it possible that men, women, and children were being burned and that the world kept silent?” (Elie Wiesel). This quote demonstrates the power of voices. People could have used their voices during the Holocaust to stop the horrors that went on. Today we can use our voices to honor and speak for those who were lost. My art represents the children that were killed during World War II. The names of kids whose voices were taken from them through concentration camps are written throughout the form of the piece to show remembrance of their lives. The drawing shows the near-death experience that no children should have to go through. I hope that my piece shows how we can use our artistic voices to remember the lives of those lost." - Lilly Scheu


Hope Takes Flight, Katie Austin, 12th Grade

Statement of Purpose

"During the Holocaust, there was little to no hope for the Jewish community; however, the few that had hope in the worst situations could handle it the best. Some would even use their voice as a powerful tool to spread hope against the Nazis and their corrupt regime. The Jewish girl depicted in the image utilizes the power of her voice by shouting out hope, as symbolized by the dove, into the sky. The dove chases away the ravens representing corruption, death, and destruction. As the dove spreads its wings, it becomes more prominent than the other birds. Though darkness may seem overwhelming in times of despair, hope cuts a clear path through the shadows and becomes a beacon of light. By utilizing our voice and spreading hope, we can chase off the darkness that may lurk in our lives today and even bring about change." - Katie Austin

Check out the competition's catalog of winning pieces of art and writing from numerous participating schools, and learn more about this year's theme: The Power of Your Voice HERE.


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